Why a children's book?

Johnny lives in Galway, Ireland with his wife Dee, his 3 children and his fat cat. He is a comedian, writer, actor and a creator in general. He has always loved entertaining children – although he drives his own kids (and his wife) crazy with all his antics. He is still a big child. His brilliant parents and massive extended family inspired his kind attitude towards children. Johnny feels that taking the time to sit down and play or read to a child is priceless and that parents are so busy they sometimes don’t realise that they only have a very small window of opportunity to do it.

MY CAT IS FAT Children's Book

A brilliantly funny children’s picture book, about a Fat Cat, that has lots of secrets about who feeds her. Fat Cat is loved by so many people in the family, she pretends to be hungry and gets fed by almost all of them. Each one thinks she hasn’t been fed already, but Fat Cat doesn’t tell them. She just keeps eating. However, with lots of food comes lots of other problems. Problems that make noise and smell bad !!

  • A laugh-out-loud picture book about a cat and the family that own her.
  • Perfect as a book to be read to a smaller child.
  • A brilliant picture book that explores the secret life of a cat and her unsuspecting family.
  • Adults can have great fun entertaining smaller children by getting silly and making all the rude noises the cat makes.
  • Children will love it and the adults might just enjoy feeling like a child again themselves.
  • Children will also enjoy the simple and predictable pattern of the story (with a funny twist at the end of course!)

A note from the author:

A Funny Picture Book For Kids

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Where can I order the book?

You can buy a copy on this site by clicking the links. We will post it out to you. It will be cheaper for you that way due to shipping costs being so high on Amazon. Or if you prefer grab a copy on Amazon. Link below to the GERMAN AMAZON page. The book shows as out of stock on the UK site unless you live in the UK.